Entrance Guardians, Carved Sphinxes£0.00
19th Century French Puppet Theater "Guignol"£1295
"All Prices Are Per Stone" Tradesman Wool Sampler£395
Kilner Brothers Glass Lawn Edging£15
18th Century Carved Babies Cradle£495
Undertakers, Tomb Stone Samples£195
19th Century Huge Balmoral Boot£4495
Oversized Bilbocatch£595
Stone Masons Plaster Corbels£1795
Sailor, Lovers Eye Ring£2495
Pharmacy Dry Dispensing Jars£695
Deformed Feet Specimens£995
Oversized Edwardian Model Door£2495
Vast Collection of Catalonian Dispensing Jars£2395
Tiller & Clowes Large Marionette Trick Skeleton£2795
Tiller & Clowes Marionette Trick Skeleton£1895
Tiller & Clowes Marionette Donkey£895
Large Collection of Optical Lens£795
Collection of Metamorphic & Sedimentary Specimens£295
Ralph & Roger Hedley's Tools£870
Lion Mask£295
19th Century Oversized 'Grand Livre' Book Folio£395
Collection of Punch & Judy Puppets£545
Collection of Scientific Mirrors£2295
Chemist Carboy£945
Folk Art Masonic Ballot Box & Balls£245
Folk Art Punch & Pooch Tin Box£495
Pair of Optical Scientific Mirrors Concave/Convex£2495
"Grinning Manically" Dia De Los Muertos£2200
Large Chemist Mineral Specimen Calcite£195
Pair of 18th Century Italian Candelabras£795
Watercolour Volvelle "The Geographical Clock"£2695
Seven Crimson Pharmacy Dispensing Jars£995
Billingsgate Porters "Bobbin" Hat£1400
Herbert George Head No 19£945
French Marriage Cushion£195
Huge Candelabra in the Manner of Palissy£595
William The IV Connoisseur Lens£795