19th Century Cased ‘Bezoar’ Curiosity£1495
Butterflies Under 19th Century Dome£595
Framed Beetles & Butterflies£0.00
Assemblage, Taxidermy Parakeet£0.00
Museum Entomology Specimens£1395
19th Early 20th Century Taxidermy Leopard Cub£0.00
Pair of Entomology Book Boxes£0.00
Memento Mori Tobacco Jar£4200
Selasphorus Rufus Hummingbirds£295
Large Mineral Specimens Desert Rose£145
Large Collection of Entomology Specimens£880
Colorado Beetle & Grub Farmers Specimen£225
Trio of Tortoise Specimens£395
Taxidermy Apple Head Chihuahua "Fingal"£1200
"The Rat Catcher" Rat Terrier£2200
Butterflies Under Glass Dome£0.00
Trio of Butterfly Specimens£0.00