Pair of Early 20th Century "Krazy" Fairground MIrrors £0.00
Manner of Johannes Fijt, Killer Cat Oil on Canvas£2795
East Indian Company, Private Solider John Coleman Declaration£85
Collection, of Six George III Hand Painted Chinoiserie Wallpaper£3200
Folk Art Naive Pair of Early 19th Century Oil on Canvas Bull Dogs£1200
Pair of Glass Distortion Fairground Mirrors Concave & Convex£0.00
Early 20th Century Irish Oval Lozenger Mirror£0.00
Lovers Eye Oil on Board T.O'Donnell£0.00
Pair of Scientific, Concave & Convex Mirrors£0.00
Concave Optical Scientific Mercury Mirror£595
Collection of Antiquities & Export Lisence's£1395
Officer Fitzgerald, Oil on Canvas£395
James Lawrence Clark, Oil on Board Cream Bull Dog£0.00
19th Century Curious Convex Mirror, Concave Lens£495
18th Century Framed & Glazed 1743 Affidavit Ann Wild Buried In Wool£595
Satirical Lithograph By Peter Jacques "Unimportant Man" Curio Print£695
18th Century Dutch School, Blacksmith At Forge£165
Huge Convex Railway Mirror£0.00
"The Winning Hand" 19th English Provincial School£0.00
Petit Regency Mirror£0.00
"Bull Broke Loose", Bull Baiting Oil on Canvas£1200
Pair of Peep Show Mirrors£0.00
"The Living Skeleton" 1825£295
Gondola Funeral Board£1895
17th Century Oil on Board, St Jerome£0.00
Blue Ground 19th Century Sorcerers Mirror£945
19th Century, Sorcerers Mirror£695
Romani Riverted, Masons Ironstone China£895
Robert Norman, Rescued from the Ruins........£945
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ratine£0.00
Huge Parabolic (Concave) Mirror£4400
English School, Pair of Half Length Portraits£0.00
Masonic Coffin Panel£0.00
Pair of Astrology Plates 1817£195
Ten Hand Coloured Botanical Engravings£795
24 Watercolour & Gouache Portraits 1872/1875£2695
Coach Panel, Order of The Garter£0.00
Large Brass Bistro Mercury Mirror£1795
18th Century English Naive School, Sailor£495
19th Century Pair Oceania & Pacific Islands Engravings£125
Pair of Italian Sorceres Mirrors£0.00
Collection of Oceania & Pacific Island Engravings£245
Oil on Board of a Mauritius Slave£1200
Large Sorcerer's Mirror£1200
18/19th Century Trio of Oceania & Pacific Islands Engravings£195