Late 19th Century Cased British Sailing Vessel£1295
Collection of Sign Writers Sample Letters£0.00
Mr John Jennison & His Hoe, Belle Vue Zoological Gardens Manchester£265
19th Century Circus Wagon Mask£595
Francis Philibert Hardenberg, Wellington & Nelsons Busts£5995
Memento Mori Stained Glass Panel£0.00
American Folk Art Painted Gladstone Bag£225
Geroge III Treen Book Box£295
Late 19th Century Atticware Vase£695
Early 19th Century Pair of Toleware Vases£1250
Georgian Lovers Salts£295
Breloque Pinfire Prostitutes Pistol£795
Headless William Pitt the Younger By Dominick Olivier£1695
Ecclesiastical Reliquary£0.00
Memento Mori Carving£595
Huge 19th Century Pawnbroker Trade Sign£3895
H.M.S Trident Flag£0.00
Muromachi Period Guardian Figures£0.00
Phallic Snuff Box£0.00
Large Witches Ball£0.00
Painted Pine 8 Tea Box£145
Dominico Brucciani Plaster Studies£1495
James DeVille/L N Fowler Phrenology Head£945
George III Shell Work China Man£2495
19th Century Oriental Wooden Toad£395
Bull Dog Leather Coin Purse£160
Metal Threaded Lion Appliqués£395
J.Wheatley Jones Oil on Board Dog "Inferno" 1887£695
Trio of Attic Ware Vases£1295
Domenico Brucciani Oversized Putto Plaster Mask£695
Indian Tobacconist/Cigar Trade Sign£4995
George III Penwork Sarcophagus Box£495
19th Century Memento Mori Carving£1595
19th Century Trio of Marble Frames£995
Trio of George II Shagreen Knife Boxes£1200
Door of Hope Missionary Doll£395
19th C Chinese Paper & Silk Embroidered Child's Slippers£165
Reverse Painted Trade Sign "My Shop"£495
Lorenzo Dal Torrione Classical Figures£0.00
Slate Animal Grave Markers£0.00
Pair of Afghan Embroidered Door Pelmets£465
Chinese Embroidered Dragon Head Dress£395
Bartlett & Son Japanned Tole Tea Canister£395
19th Century Double Fronted Dolls House£1895
David Livingston Heart Buried Beneath 1873£0.00
16th Century in Style, Victorian Suit of Armour£1995
Folk Art, Queen Victoria & Prince Albert£595
Francesco Pozzi (Italian, 1779 – 1844) "Arpocrate"£2995
Collection of Georgian Rummers & Labeled Decanters£1595
Pair of Bronze Phallic Door Pulls£795
Plaster Phrenology Bust by Vago of London 1869£795
Large Chemist Carboy£595
Early Victorian Deed Boxes£465
Late 17th/Early 18th Century Polychrome Tobacconist Figure£5895
John Carr's Jacquard Puppets William & His Turnips£1295
Philanthropist Annie, Lady Jerningham Bust W.R.Ingram£4295
19th C Wax F.Ziegler Anatomical/Plant Models£595
A Huge Fully Leather Trade Show Shoe£0.00
John Carr's Jacquard Puppets, Pierrot & Pierette£1495
19th Century Blue Well Bucket£495
Marble Bust by W.Theed the Younger of W.Gladstone£2295
George III Quill Work Decorated Tea Caddy£1295
Verre Eglomisé, Cheap Funerals Trade Sign£4995
Tiller & Cowes Family Troupe Marionettes£10495
Large Welsh Diary Bowl£225
1817, Memento Mori Pewter & Lead Glass Tanker£3450
Folk Art Leather and Woven Rush Butchers Bag Initials BP Dated 1832£695
Weathered Composite Stone Grave Marker£595
Early 20th Century Travelling Salesman's Soap Sampler£895
Popeio, The Clown£595