19th Century Carved Gryphon, Ebonised & Gilt£1295
Llanbedrog Ships Figurehead, King Alfred£0.00
Fragments From The Canadian Vessel Prince Victor£595
19th Century Dragon Figurehead£12495
Regency Irish Ships Figurehead£0.00
19th Century Italian Giltwood Skull & Crossbones£3495
18th Century, Huge Gothic Castle Key & Lock£0.00
Chinoiserie Country House Faded Curtains£295
19th Century Grotesque Plaster Monkey£0.00
Trio of Graduated Glass Optical Spheres£0.00
Little Tommy Tucker, Lieutenant Walter Cole Ventriloquist Puppet£0.00
18th Century Sleuthhound£4295
Verre Eglomisé, Cheap Funerals Trade Sign£4995
1940's American Mug Shots£0.00
Early 19th Century American School Portrait of Julia Lee£895
Twelve, Apothecary Dry Dispensing Jars£695
Tiller & Cowes Family Troupe Marionettes£10495
Fruit Wood Infants£0.00
Trio of Bronze Children, (In the Manner of John Robinson)£1595
Large Glass Vial£225
Large Artist Lay Figure£0.00
Large Welsh Diary Bowl£225
Welsh Diary Bowl£0.00
Memento Mori, Masonic Horn Beaker£0.00
Folk Art Violin£1595
William IV, Jackson Late Egan Satin Wood Harp£0.00
Daniel Sennerto, Vellum Bound "Practicæ Medicinæ"£695
1817, Memento Mori Pewter & Lead Glass Tanker£3450
19th Century Artist Lay Figure£0.00
19th Century Fools Scepter/Bauble£1795
Pair of Late 18th Century Wax Document Seals£325
19th Century Sicilian Marionette #6£995
19th Century Sicilian Marionette #5£1200
19th Century Sicilian Marionette #4£995
19th Century Sicilian Marionette #3£995
19th Century Sicilian Marionette #2£895
19th Century Sicilian Marionette #1£795
Folk Art Leather and Woven Rush Butchers Bag Initials BP Dated 1832£695
Early 19th Century Life Size Artist Articulated Mannequin£0.00
Weathered Composite Stone Grave Marker£595
Shoe of "The Russian Giant" Feodor Machnow£1495
Early 20th Century Travelling Salesman's Soap Sampler£895
Vellum Bound Prescription Medical Book Ledger£225
1836 Hand Written Memorandum of Epitaphs, Recipes, Potions & Comical Stories£165
Popeio, The Clown£595
Collection of Scientific Mirrors£2295
Entrance Guardians, Carved Sphinxes£0.00
19th Century Huge Balmoral Boot£0.00
Sailor, Lovers Eye Ring£0.00