Jefferson & Co. for G.E.C Moonstone Chandelier£2495
Acorn Holophane Pendants, 2 Available£0.00
American Holophane Plaffonier£245
French Holophane Plaffonier£0.00
Pair of 12" Holophane Pendants£495
12 Large Holophane Chandeliers£0.00
Edwardian Doriclite Jefferson Pendant£495
Pair of Country House Fringed Sconces£1795
Huge Holophane Blondel Stiletto Pendant Light£945
Large Trio of Holophane Blondel Stiletto Pendants£0.00
Petite Pair of Holophane Blondel Stiletto Pendants£395
Extra Large Pair of Holophane Blondel Stiletto Pendants£795
Two Part Opaline Pendants, 4 Available£0.00
Rare Pair of Asteroid Pendants£1695
19th Century Copper Wall Lantern£895
Extra Large Opaline & Brass Pendant£0.00
Pair, Large Opaline & Brass Ovoid Pendants£0.00
Pair, Small Opaline & Brass Globe Pendants£295
Small Opaline & Brass Globe Pendants, 9 Available£175
Medium Opaline & Brass Globe Pendants, 8 Available£195
Large Opaline & Brass Globes, 3 Available£225
Opaline & Brass Large Tulip Pendants 10 Available£225
Large Converted Gas Lantern£1995
Pair, Huge Caged Bronze Holophanes£0.00
Caged French Holophane Pendant£695
Large French Holophane Pendant£0.00
Petit Holophane Pendant£275
Rectangular Holophane Lantern£895
18th Century, Carved & Gilt Wall Sconces£0.00
French Brass Holophane Lantern£0.00
French Caged Holophane Pendant£695
Holophane Wall Sconce£0.00
French Caged Holophane Pendant£0.00
Edwardian Cut Glass Pendant£0.00
Huge Verdigris & Opaline Pendant by Falk, Stadelmann and Co£0.00
Copper & Quilted Glass Gas Lantern£0.00
Elongated Rectangular Holophane Lantern£0.00
Large Bronze Gas Lanterns£0.00
Huge Pair of Holophane Chandlier, Gresham School Chapel£0.00
Run of Seven Holophane Lanterns£0.00
Pair of Holophane Chandlier Lanterns£645
Extra Large Holophane Chandelier£0.00
Large Holophane Church Chandelier£1295
Pair of Holophane Industrial Glass Pendants£345
Pair of Caged Brass French Holophame Pendants£0.00
Bronze Wall Lantern, Palais Du Justice Brussel Circa 1880.£3495
Hailwood & Ackroyd Large Hexagonal Opaline Pendants£0.00
Large Holophane Chandelier£0.00
Pair of Large Gothic Opaline Lanterns£1200
Spiral Plafonnier Pendant£395
19th Century Bronze Crypt Lantern£0.00
Early 20th Century Desk Lamp£345
Large Regency Iron & Brass Octagonal Lantern£0.00
Opaline & Frosted Glass Pendant£0.00