Collection of Six Oriental Watercolours £695
19th Century Architectural Element£295
19th Century Fairground Carving£495
The Trusty Servant of Winchester College£295
Mother Damnable, The Witch of Camden Town Tube Station£195
Archeology Discoveries£295
Painted Frieze, Manner of Albert Hayes, South Ken System£345
Oddfellows Walshingham Lodge Door Pelmet£395
Reverse Painted Jewellers Trade Sign£395
Pair of Fairground Mirrors Concave/Convex£1895
Aesthetic Movement Mirror£1495
Robert Lakin & Company Fairground Pillars£4295
Ealry 20th C Folk Art Collages of Henry & Liz£1495
Early 19th Century Coaching Panel£295
Mercury Mirror£395
Sarah Porter, "Queen of the Touters at Tunbridge Wells"£595
Early 19th Century Half Length Portrait£395
Pair of Early 19th Century Silk Embroidery Animals£1295
Middle Eastern Mirror£295
Democritus Laughing & Heraclitus Weeping£1895
Early 20th Century Collection of 27 Mug Shots£995
19th Century, The Arch of Life & Death£2295
19th Century Spencerian Portrait of Penthesilea£225
Naive American School Gouache Marine, Estate Scene£1295
19th Century Sailors Needlework Valentine£1295
Buckle Boards£295
"Umbrellas Re-Covered and Repaired" Trade Sign£595
Victorian Cut Glass Mirrors£495
Ruby Red Sorcerers Mirror£895
Brixham Trawler 'Mannequin' Stern Board£495
Hanging Trade Sign "Antiques"£695
Four Faced Ambiguous Watercolour£145
Large Optical Mirrors Concave & Convex£1295
Early 19th Century Coach Panels£645
19th Century Coach Panel£795
Early 19th Primitive Interior Scene£1695
Early 19th Appliqué Collage, Sir Percival Radcliffe, 3rd Baronet, of Rudding Park, Harrogate£1895
19th Oil on Board, Boy & His Big Cabbage£1895
19th C Oil on Canvas Cavalier King Charles Spaniel£895
London Covent Garden & Borough Market Trade Signs£225
The Rules & Order of Cocking 1757£0.00
Late 19th Century Mug Shots£1595
Memento Mori Engraved Glass Plaque£395
Pair of 19th Century Convex Mirrors£695
John Stalkers "A Treatise of Japaning & Varnishing" Engravings£1595
19th Century Curios Bear, Oil on Board£395
19th Century Concave Distortion Mirror£795
Monumental Regency Convex Mirror£8795
18th Century Heraldic Gilt Lion£4200
17th Century Italian Sqrafitto Moulded Picture Frame£895
Susan Jayne Hocking Pigment Painting Portrait 1997£695
Six, 19th Century Fighting Scenes Bakers Boys Vs Chimney Sweeps£1800
Art Nouveau Verre églomisé Trade Sign£3400
Satirical Lithograph By Peter Jacques "Unimportant Man" Curio Print£695
"Bull Broke Loose", Bull Baiting Oil on Canvas£1200
Gondola Funeral Board£1895