19th Century Gharial Lead Weighted Door Stop£0.00
Large Shellwork Sailors Valentine£1595
Four Legged Victorian Duckling£495
Softshell Turtle Skeleton (Trionychidae)£795
Mid Victorian Seaweed Specimens Brighton£0.00
Scrimshaw Whales Tooth of Horsted Place East Sussex£595
William Farren of Cambridge, Golden Pheasant£795
Entomology Display Cases£595
19th Century African Hippopotamus Skull£3995
Anthropomorphic Taxidermy Diorama "Who Killed Cock Robin" by Swaysland£3595
Peter Spicer Sea Turtle£0.00
Sailors Shell Valentine£0.00
Miniature Dog By James Roswell£0.00
Rowland Ward Mastodon Tooth£0.00
"Gaffer" Horse Memento Mori£0.00
Mineral & Semi Precious Stones Display Case£2995
Falconry Hoods£995
Gregory Bottley Collection of Mineral, Fossils & Shells£495
19th Century Huge Coco De Mer£0.00
19th Century Boxing Squirrels by Edward Hart£5495
Victorian Tortoise Mount£995
Early 20th Century Gold Teeth Dentures£795
19th Century Solomon Island Lure Fishing Hook£0.00
Victorian Conchology Collection£495
'In Memory of Jacko" The Champion Ratter c.1850£5495
Collection Of Mineralogy Specimen Jars£295
Huge 19Th Century Clam Shell Tridacna Gigas£0.00
Edwardian Collection of Herbarium Grass Specimens£1200
Pair of Transverse Section's of Fossil Sponges (Ventriculites)£595
"Amber Containing an Inset Zanzibar 1887" Francis Amasa Walker£595
Victorian Miniature Dog£5995
Bengal Tiger Skin Van Ingen of Mysore, Shot by Capt. P M Bennett of the Royal Engineers£3295
The Boxing Vervet (Chlorocebus Pygerythrus)£2495